Restaurants that only have soda bottles that require bottle openers are evil
I just cut my finger open trying to open a Mexican coke with my keys

ok kde connect is fucking awesome
why haven't I used this before

There is Google, there was Google+, when are we getting Google++?

Heavily debating installing Arch and trying again...

If common lisp exists, does that mean legendary lisp exist?

32C here already...
I am very concerned for the summer

So I had a problem with the condensation from my drink running down close to my laptop because my desk was slanted so I uhh had a big brain solution.

Man the weather here is freaking crazy, first it was super hot and now there is apparently supposed to be a thunderstorm.

So I just tried font ligatures for programming, to be entirely honest I do not like them. I think I would spend more time trying to remember how to do them then I would save not decoding the symbols themselves.

I think one of the hardest parts of learning to program is actually thinking of ideas.
Of course when I want ideas I have none.

I think about switching my website to an SSG but then I look at the Hugo docs and change my mind....

Battlefield 1 runs *a lot* better than I expected it to on
well that is a welcome surprise

Yeah that did not take long
I actually like now
never thought I would say that

ok nvm finally figured it out lol
I get stressed way too easy lol

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~~ok yeah I remember why I left it~~
it is interesting but I don't think I am going to use it that much lol maybe a bit more than before though

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I haven't used in a while but I am tempted to try it again.....

Hot Take: Times New Roman is an ugly font

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