Man can we please stop calling things 'the Tesla of ...' like seriously it is just annoying

@arctic Nope. This could be the Tesla of posts. :ablobcatwave:
I imagine this is a bit like comparing everything to darksouls in the game industry. Its not going away for a looooong time.

@DrownNotably damm I guess I have to cringe for a little longer then

@arctic IKR?

This probably is snobbish but I treat it as a test: any author/blogger/etc using that line implies that they haven't spent enough time researching and thinking about issues that I care about to meet my standards of someone worth listening to.

Since we're drowning in people wanting our attention anyway, my conclusion is that I'm better off filtering them out of my media diet.

Doesn't make the mob behavior as a whole any less cringy though.

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