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Last week's : a people week – is it the new normal?

In sad news: 👋 to my old C1 home 😪

(if you're publishing say hi!)

So, so chuffed to have contributed a chapter to the updated version of the Data Journalism Handbook, published by Amsterdam University Press

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Visual media analysis showing how the Corona coverage grew over time in a German newspaper. Excellent work by


This is my first public project with Svelte ( and I'm really happy with how easy it is to get going with it.

It was called (ref needed) "the disappearing framework" and tbh I'm happy with how terse its reactivity is.

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Come for the club laser intro, stay for and's look at data and the collapsing air traffic.

. @aendrew wrote a GDPR "Subject Access Request" template:

Share far and wide and remember to be polite :)

I've SAR'ed companies that did employment background checks, as well as my previous mobile network operator. Very interesting indeed.

Please take part in the @DataVizSociety survey about its publishing on Medium.

We all benefit from open content and standards – why would we choose the walled garden of Medium to publish Nightingale?

We're struggling to make sense of the split in the Conservative Party over Brexit.
I fed 240 Brexit votes to t-SNE, a discovery machine learning algorithm. Here's what it "saw":

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Sad to say I can't read any of the Nightingale (Dataviz Society publication) pieces as I don't have a Medium account.

Odd choice of platform, if you ask me.

> Maths basics for computer science and machine learning.pdf

Me: oh cool, holiday read to catch up

PDF: 1,962 pages


Even after three weeks and 3,000 km of racing, Tour de France riders arrive on the finish line surprisingly close to each other.
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