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I've SAR'ed companies that did employment background checks, as well as my previous mobile network operator. Very interesting indeed.

Please take part in the @DataVizSociety survey about its publishing on Medium.

We all benefit from open content and standards – why would we choose the walled garden of Medium to publish Nightingale?


We're struggling to make sense of the split in the Conservative Party over Brexit.
I fed 240 Brexit votes to t-SNE, a discovery machine learning algorithm. Here's what it "saw":

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Sad to say I can't read any of the Nightingale (Dataviz Society publication) pieces as I don't have a Medium account.

Odd choice of platform, if you ask me.

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from birbsite, possibly news or politics-related 

> Maths basics for computer science and machine learning.pdf

Me: oh cool, holiday read to catch up

PDF: 1,962 pages


Even after three weeks and 3,000 km of racing, Tour de France riders arrive on the finish line surprisingly close to each other.
Our graphical analysis: tmsnrt.rs/2yqPklL


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