Just 'cause I didn't find the time to complete AoC 2019 before it ended don't mean I can't keep working at it. It's fun, even if I am a bit late :) I just completed "Sunny with a Chance of Asteroids" - Day 5 - Advent of Code 2019 adventofcode.com/2019/day/5

AoC is a lot of fun so far :) I just completed "Secure Container" - Day 4 - Advent of Code 2019 adventofcode.com/2019/day/4

Things we didn't do:
- Start the fire
- Shoot the deputy
- Steal the cookies from the cookie jar

Things we did:
- Tried to fight it
- Shot the sheriff
- Put the sham in the shama-lama-ding-dong

Things we will do:
- Survive
- Rock you
- Walk 500 miles
- Walk 500 more

Things we won't do:
- Get fooled again
- Back down
- That

Things we will never do:
- Give you up
- Let you down
- Run around
- Desert you

- I did it again)

Making progress :) I just completed "Crossed Wires" - Day 3 - Advent of Code 2019 adventofcode.com/2019/day/3

The march towards catching up with AoC '19 continues :) I just completed "1202 Program Alarm" - Day 2 - Advent of Code 2019 adventofcode.com/2019/day/2

So I'm like a week late with doing this but... :P I just completed "The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation" - Day 1 - Advent of Code 2019 adventofcode.com/2019/day/1

I wrote a script that makes it fast and easy to send raw HTTP POST requests. Certainly more comfortable than if you have a lot of headers or some complex JSON data. Doubly so when you are editing the headers and/or the JSON data. Runs on , , . Probably runs on other platforms to. You should check it out. The README has all the details you need to know :) github.com/ctsrc/lazyboi

I can never find it, but back during all those clown sightings there was an article where a sheriff was telling people not to worry because "he believed it wasn't real clowns, just people in clown outfits" and I think about that all the time

once again, if you are interested in an explanation of Doom speedrunning exploits by looking at the actual code (it's open source!) have a look at my article: wilkie.how/posts/learning-mist
Have fun and make mistakes! #AGDQ2019

Just backed Biograf at Kickstarter. It's a group of friends who want to buy the old movie theatre in Karlshamn (built a hundred years ago) and make it into a culture scene for the south of Sweden :D kickstarter.com/projects/31493

#patreonofthearts #cinema #culture

Finally managed to understand and implement normal mapping into ammolite. #rust #vulkan #gltf #gamedev

Good morning. Find your weaknesses and strengthen them. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

The Tumblr Mess 

This mess shows off a combination of the pitfalls of our current duopoly in mobile platforms and centralization.

For those not in the loop, this afternoon Tumblr began a purge of NSFW accounts, including artists and sex workers. A considerable chunk of Tumblr is comprised of these users or people who follow these users, and use Tumblr as a primary revenue source.

The reason people are speculating in the moment has everything to do with Apple. The theory goes that Apple has removed from the app store Tumblr for allowing users to access NSFW content. In a twist, Tumblr hides NSFW content via "Safe Mode" by default already, but that might not be enough for Apple.

So, one of the two major vendors of their application shuts them off, and Tumblr understandably starts flailing. Multiple NSFW accounts were shut down (not just the blogs, but the attached accounts terminated too), and people take notice.

If the mobile ecosystem were healthier, maybe this wouldn't have happened - if there was more competition, Apple wouldn't have the power to destroy another platform's users in a snap.

Rumor has it emailing support could get you your account back if you were swept up in the purge, but after a burn like this I wouldn't trust my livelihood to Tumblr again.

Our #fish, Mr Fish, now has a snail roommate named Jenga. It's a classic Odd Couple situation. Mr Fish leaves shit everywhere while Jenga rolls his eyestalks and retreats into his shell. Mr Fish also smokes cigars.

OH YOUR GOD! Radiogarden is THE coolest thing I have seen! It is how this should have been!

Basically a map with all open broadcasts around the globe, you can zoom, move around and test different stations around the world, from Vladivostok to Patagonia


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