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I discovered today that someone over on fxhash has created an account using my name and a link to my OpenProcessing profile and they are apparently taking other people’s code for their NFTs.

Tweeted at fxhash about it; hopefully they’ll do something about it (not like that’s going to make much of a difference).

But just to be clear, I am not on fxhash or any other crypto/NFT/web3 platform.

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> tartan without art is just tan
this explains utilikilts

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made a typo on a google search and discovered a kind of stringed instrument i'd never heard of

Reason #5,489 not to go on LinkedIn 

You find out a friend is now working for some Blockchain company

@system76 ever thought about making something like this?

How cool would it be if all laptops were these easy to repair?

The day that I wake up and want a cup of coffee is the day that I know I'm finally done being sick.

Nobody asked me, but the thing I keep thinking about that I'd really like is for @system76 to make a tablet computer with a detachable keyboard. Like an MS Surface or iPad running Pop!_OS.

Of course the keyboard would have the same layout and configurability of the Launch keyboard.

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I feel a small sense of triumph whenever I resist the urge to respond with unsolicited advice or opinions—especially if they don't follow me back—but I think I'd feel even better if I didn't have the urge. Where does that even come from?

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New Velvetyne font out today!

Sligoil is a funky monospace by Ariel Martín Pérez, created for the Unknown Number indie game.

Once again I find myself learning to read Fortran so that I can translate a program into Python for work.

Flashing back to working at Space Grant in college. 😅

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TIL that pages, which exist to serve a *list of links,* something websites in 1995 could do, does not load at all without JS enabled.

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Here's my #introduction:

I'm a software mechanic working for Mozilla. I specialize in building web browsers. In particular, I help to make Firefox fast, smooth, and better for users. I also mentor students hacking on Review Board, a web-based code review tool.

I play in a band. I like live theatre - in a past life, I did sound design. I looooove point & click adventure games. Excelsior!

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On Mastodon and #hometown, you can turn off boosts in the Home timeline by clicking the settings button at the top of the timeline. Not helpful if you're trying to find new accounts to follow, but if you're like me and want a chill timeline, it helps.

You can also turn off boosts from individuals: go to their profile and click the three dots. This is useful if an individual is a bit spammy on the boosts.

(This works on the web interface, not necessarily third party phone apps.)

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Hi, I am Heydon. I am named after the village Heydon in Norfolk but was not conceived there.

I am a web interface designer, frontend dev consultant, and technical writer for design systems. You may have read one of my books or learned algorithmic CSS from I write, narrate, and soundtrack videos about the web here:

I also record antifascist sludge/garage punk/blues/doom metal as Death Garage (


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