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Still no WebRTC or getUserMedia in iOS 14.

Which is fine if your goal is replace the web with your proprietary app store.

Not fine if your app experience relies on video capture & sharing and it may get banned based on jingoistic laws.

I somehow ended up get distracted by color schemes for VSCode. Doubt I’ll do much that’s very productive today

@scanlime Do you know if there's ever been a JavaScript implementation of the histogram imager? (I know how much you love JS.)

Ended up taking a little trip down memory lane by accident today and landed on (top hit on duckduckgo for "peter de jong equations" or something).

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Homeowner advice requested, Boosts okay 

Is there anyone I can talk to regarding tankless water heaters for houses? I was thinking of going electric, but the plumber I met said that could be more expensive than I anticipate.

Anybody have experience/input?

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Is there a place to buy mp3s of albums that I can download that isn't Amazon and also has a wider selection than Bandcamp? like, I want to buy some albums that are from popular artists who just aren't on Bandcamp but I also don't want to patronize Amazon if I can help it

Still so disappointed by the experience of trying to find an eBook at my local library that is available to check out.

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I can't imagine a scenario where I'd be like looking at someone's bio/profile and think to myself thank goodness they put their linux distro in there

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Tech fascists 

A big mistake in tech coverage over the past decade has been depicting its figures as dorks, bureaucrats, buffoons —everything but dangerous, powerful, and fully enabling fascism if not totally fascist themselves. I get the sense that media like the HBO show Silicon Valley (which already was a mess) is going to look apologetic in retrospect. The media depiction of Zuckerberg has changed, thankfully, but not quickly enough.

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Just a reminder that if you want to pick my brain about something design related, I now offer some mentorship via Mentorly =)

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I heard this morning that the WHO is declaring polio eradicated in Africa; it's apparently been 4 years since the last recorded case of polio in Nigeria.

When I worked at Seed Scientific I was fortunate to work on a project for UNICEF's polio eradication initiative. I'm certain that the small work I did contributed little towards this milestone, but it is the project in my career of which I am the most proud.

I've been playing around with SVG filters for the this month. If you haven't heard about viewBox, it's a newsletter from Cassie Evans & Louis Hoebregts about SVG. Sign up at, you'll be glad you did.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my favorites in a short thread.

I was listening to a Pete Seeger kids album today, which includes the Woody Guthrie song "Hobo's Lullaby" and this verse really stood out to me:

🎶 I know the police cause you trouble
They cause trouble everywhere
But when you die and go to Heaven
You'll find no policemen there 🎶

"when you go to heaven you'll find no policemen there". So good. This is the kind of stuff we should sing to our kids.

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Also, do not put Sarah near a tool-tip.

Or cake.

Because she will make you eat that poop.

RT @codingchaos
@resource11 1. Don’t use tooltips
2. A close button, and control key > escape key
3. Don’t use tooltips
4. Toggle tips (disclosures) or static text instead
5. #DeathToTooltips

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