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Apparently what I needed today was to stand out on my front porch with my fiddle and a glass of whisky and play some tunes.

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I recommend underlining links in body content.

Link underlines are the punk rock of design. They care little for your expensive fancy typeface. They just want to get shit done.

Add them on broken sites.


I don't think I'll ever understand why people comment out and commit their debuggative print statements rather than deleting them.

Kind of interested in a KVM for home so that it's easy to switch between my work laptop and my home desktop.

- DisplayPort or HDMI (both would be great)
- USB for keyboard and mouse (additional USB for a webcam and mic would be great)
- Audio jack for speakers

Any recommendations? I'm going to poke around newegg and whatnot, but it's nice to hear from folks who've been using one for a while about how it is.

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Easy cooking tip from an Iranian-American guy 

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Arguing that Apple or Google did something a particular way will not sway me on its own.

They get it wrong just as often as the rest of us. Their size and ubiquity do not make them any better.

Try harder.

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Getting hammered lately with “Google does this” or “Apple does this” justifications for terrible UIs.

Google Material Design told us form fields were better without boxes, until they tested it.

Apple told us removing button outlines in iOS was better, until users complained.

Where do the cool kids find desktop wallpapers these days? Or does no one even care about that anymore and just leave the stock wallpapers for the OS up?

@aardrian Do you have any resources that explain how to write good alt text for images? I need to try to teach the rest of my team how to write alt text.

Excited to see that the Data Vis Society is starting up a discourse group. I think that'd suit me more than Slack.

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There's a whole class of weird US court cases against inanimate objects:

United States v. Approximately 64,695 Pounds of Shark Fins
United States v One Solid Gold Object In The Form Of A Rooster

I decided to see what a neural net would make of them.

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This is a bit extra but is anyone working on open source home automation HARDWARE? Like from components one could identify? I'm starting to plan out my home setup (I figure it'd be worth it since I spend a lot of time at home) and I'm noticing that I have to rely on a lot of things to emit information in order to talk to it.

I really want to be good with numpy, but I never seem to be able to figure out how I'm meant to work it with it beyond very basic operations.

My temptation to buy a System76 laptop is increasing.

How have people still not learned to close their email browser tabs before starting a presentation? Especially if you’re a high level manager

Do I know anyone with a Pinephone? Is it reliable as a main phone?

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Does this thing exist? (Boosts okay) 

Distracted by playing with Observable notebooks instead of working

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