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I find myself wishing I could get iA Writer on Linux.

I've set up goyo.vim and limelight.vim and it's a pretty nice experience, but I do miss iA Writer. One of the few Mac apps I really miss.

Is anyone else really worried about Mozilla? They're handing Servo over to the Linux Foundation now? This reads like the blog a company posts to announce to their customers they no longer exist because they got bought by Google or Apple.

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Wood working advice requested 

Me and Tess wanna start making cute stuff like bowls and spoons out of wood, and even just basic shelving. Is this doable when you're extremely tight on money? What basic tools would we need?

For anyone out there who's joined the static site generator revolution and is on the Eleventy train, I've come up with a technique for managing assets in Eleventy with no additional dependencies like webpack or parcel.

It's a hack, but it's a robust one, I think.

Keyboard Shortcuts 

Still my nemesis. 😡

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How cool would it be if at the next conference I can attend in person all the laptops had stickers on them from my project? And if I presented, everyone could find themselves in the viz.

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"As you can see, the data is pretty sparse. I've already sent out over 200 envelopes, but the results of this little experiment would have a lot more to say if more people signed up and participated."

Stickers and Stamps Project Update (10/17/20)

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ruby on rails, birdsite 

What are Rails devs using these days for oauth/login-with-birdsite these days? omniauth-twitter seems all but derelict

Beginning to think that trying to run NextCloud at home is more work than I want to put in…

Very disappointed by the lack of weather apps with no tracking for Android. Today weather seems to be the best option with only 5 trackers according to Aurora.

Well, I've made the switch to Android. I have to say it feels very uncomfortable using a Google phone. Trying to figure out what all I have to lock down for privacy.

So far the silver lining is that I can install PWAs from Firefox and it is super easy.

Biggest disappointment so far is the lack of good weather apps on the F-Droid store.

Do people still use yeoman for project templates? If not, what are you using?

I am starting to get into the habit of building little generative design tools on codepen (inspired by It is fun, but it is distracting me from finishing my website.

Here's something I made to randomize the border radius of an element. (Related to my question last night about examples of elliptical border radii.)

Anyone out there have any examples they like of designs that use elliptical rounded corners?

computers, whining, - 

I wish I could believe that I'll have a better experience on Android than I have on iOS, but all computers suck.

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Stealing an election takes time and work and is the kind of crime that liberals - and the international community - will actually pay attention to. If the only effect of my vote is to force the fascists to put in that work, it is still worth it. That could buy us months.

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Still no WebRTC or getUserMedia in iOS 14.

Which is fine if your goal is replace the web with your proprietary app store.

Not fine if your app experience relies on video capture & sharing and it may get banned based on jingoistic laws.

I somehow ended up get distracted by color schemes for VSCode. Doubt I’ll do much that’s very productive today

@scanlime Do you know if there's ever been a JavaScript implementation of the histogram imager? (I know how much you love JS.)

Ended up taking a little trip down memory lane by accident today and landed on (top hit on duckduckgo for "peter de jong equations" or something).

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