I made an Observable notebook with inline charts for your markdown and HTML blocks: observablehq.com/@domoritz/inl.

#fluffychat has been approved for the iOS AppStore! Thanks to benpa and @matrix for the help with this! You guys are awesome!


#neuesAusAkademia :
Tutor:"wo hast du DEN Code da her?"
Student :"Ah...em..Stackoverflow"
Tutor": OK. Von der Frage oder der Antwort?"

Kann ein Mann überhaupt Bundeskanzlerin sein?

important reminder that there are many histories, some of which are not receiving enough attention in teaching (pointing at myself). if we stick to the usual ones, our field's past is dominated by visualizations of war deaths, colonial exploration and capitalist trade.

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My first post of 2021 is coming in hot.
Decolonizing Data Viz

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