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I wrote down some thoughts about the new "Data Visualization Society"

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If you are in Montreal tomorrow night (April 25), come to a lightning talk of 8 of the best speakers from the CHI conference

"we have so much data these days, why aren't we using 3D visualizations?" - discuss

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The OpenVis Conf speaker list is up — happy to see some familiar faces, and even happier to see some unfamiliar ones, too! Who's coming?

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has anyone built the join date x follower visualization from "The Follower Factory" for arbitrary twitter accounts yet? would make a great tool!

Hi everyone, I'm Dominikus! I've been working as a datavis freelancer for the last five years, mostly on the development side. You can find stuff I've worked on on my website ( or read my sometimes slightly ranty thoughts on dataviz on medium (

thanks @scott for this initiative! hopefully we can finally be free of the bird thing with this...

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