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Would you kind folks mind helping me track down a viz that I remember seeing, but can't find now? Show more

My second-ever data visualisation is live! It's about the world's endangered languages. Any feedback from you seasoned pros would be very welcome :)

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👋 I would like to share some of latest visualisation I've been working on with @zimrick .

Together with the talented people at datastory.se/, we analysed around 500,000 articles published in Swedish media in 2017 to determine how many times countries were mentioned.

Based on this we produced two stories:

1. a case study on 3 underreported countries (datastory.se/story/tre-underbe)

2. and index of all the reported countries in 2017 (datastory.se/story/medieskugga)

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I needed to make an SVG star for something at work and it led me down a rabbit hole, as these things do, that led me to make this: beta.observablehq.com/@anbnyc/

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Found this new project on Twitter today: plotparade.com

Combines data viz and graphic design using D3.js templates.

Thought I'd try one out for myself. Really cool concept!

The next project I'll be working on involves a world map with lots of dots on it. I'm going to need it to look nice on mobile, which feels like it's going to be a challenge. Does anyone have any design tips or examples of world maps where mobile has been done well?

I'm pretty new to all of this stuff, so any feedback from you seasoned professionals would be appreciated.

Eek, my first big code and visualisation project is now live on the web. A (minimally) interactive visualisation of the biggest data breaches of 2017:


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Hey Viz peeps 😀 I found this database and thought it would be nice to share it with you guys here: rit-public.github.io/HappyDB/

If anyone makes something with it, please share it looks awesome.

50 minutes until EYEO tickets go on sale. Anyone else hoping to attend this year?

For those of you (like me) whose Javascript is not that great yet, there's now a draft of Eloquent Javascript 3rd Edition: eloquentjavascript.net/3rd_edi

Just remembered to colourblind-check my palette before publishing. Good thing I did. The whole thing dissolved into greys :(

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I'm a freelance data journalist working in Gothenburg, Sweden. I do most of my work for How We Get To Next (howwegettonext.com) but I also regularly write for BBC Focus, Wired UK and Techradar.

My academic background is in meteorology and environmental science, but despite that I'm a relative newcomer to "proper" data visualisation. Over the last year I've switched from R to D3, and I'm learning Python.

It's a pleasure to meet you all -
liking this community already!

Apologies for linking to birdsite, but Observable will apparently be with us "Soon.":