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Hey folks. A publication I work for is currently commissioning short pieces of data journalism. Show more

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I have a favor to ask: Please go to


…and invite a friend who you think should be here on vis.social.

New registrations are still suspended, to keep out spambots. But you can use the link above to welcome in other humans. :)

Been playing around with Observable, and I had a go at replicating a lovely bit of computer art I saw in Paris last week: beta.observablehq.com/@duncang

Hello everyone at OpenVisConf18 in Paris! I basically don't know anyone, so feel free to say hi if you see me wandering around. Would love to meet some new friends :)

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Please take a moment and fill out the 2018 Data Visualization Survey: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

Elijah Meeks did this last year, and provide lots of good insights and discussions around the data viz industry

Has anyone tried or played around with Orange? orange.biolab.si

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“Design for an Audience”

A+ talk, featuring years of superlative work, by @13pt. Thanks, Jonathan, for so often documenting your presentations online.

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Interesting chart from Washington Post, a circle beeswarm, with circle packing within each parent node. washingtonpost.com/graphics/20

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I haven't tried it yet, but RStudio just rolled out experimental support for previewing D3 scripts. R to D3 is a pretty scary bridge that I haven't fully made it across, but the r2d3 package looks like it makes the journey a lot easier.

Would you kind folks mind helping me track down a viz that I remember seeing, but can't find now? Show more

My second-ever data visualisation is live! It's about the world's endangered languages. Any feedback from you seasoned pros would be very welcome :)

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👋 I would like to share some of latest visualisation I've been working on with @zimrick .

Together with the talented people at datastory.se/, we analysed around 500,000 articles published in Swedish media in 2017 to determine how many times countries were mentioned.

Based on this we produced two stories:

1. a case study on 3 underreported countries (datastory.se/story/tre-underbe)

2. and index of all the reported countries in 2017 (datastory.se/story/medieskugga)

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I needed to make an SVG star for something at work and it led me down a rabbit hole, as these things do, that led me to make this: beta.observablehq.com/@anbnyc/

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Found this new project on Twitter today: plotparade.com

Combines data viz and graphic design using D3.js templates.

Thought I'd try one out for myself. Really cool concept!

The next project I'll be working on involves a world map with lots of dots on it. I'm going to need it to look nice on mobile, which feels like it's going to be a challenge. Does anyone have any design tips or examples of world maps where mobile has been done well?

I'm pretty new to all of this stuff, so any feedback from you seasoned professionals would be appreciated.