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#Inkscape is proud to release versions 0.92.4 & 1.0 alpha of its free, professional vector graphics editor! Available now for Linux and Windows 32/64 here: inkscape.org/release/ #FLOSS #collaboration

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📈 Chart of the week: @ryanleewatts@twitter.com makes great charts that go beyond what you thought was possible with @datawrapper@twitter.com. Check out his very complicated, very simple range plot. blog.datawrapper.de/weeklychar

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Someone have an room at Brussels where I can put my inflatable mattress for Fossdem (the night from 2 to 3 February)

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Flat is a pure-Python 2D drawing library "for creating and manipulating digital forms of fine arts. [...] It grew out of the needs for generative design, architecture and art." exports to SVG and so easily embeds in a jupyter notebook (`display(SVG(page.svg())`). I have been looking for something like this forever, it's a little quirky but seems too good to be true

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So I cast off my 2018 temperature blanket on Jan 1st and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I knit one garter stitch row every day for 365 days based on the daily high temp for my city. It was a very rewarding project. #knitting

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🎉 New Year’s resolution: Become less dependent on services like Dropbox, Twitter, Google, etc. Use open, decentralised and/or self-hosted alternatives instead. First stop: ! Find me on 🐘 Mastodon: @sjockers vis.social/@sjockers

just wow... 😱 nytimes.com/2018/12/18/technol

"Facebook allowed Microsoft’s Bing search engine to see the names of virtually all Facebook users’ friends without consent, the records show, and gave Netflix and Spotify the ability to read Facebook users’ private messages.

The social network permitted Amazon to obtain users’ names and contact information through their friends, and it let Yahoo view streams of friends’ posts as recently as this summer."

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alert! We're looking for a data visualisation producer to join our team at ONS. Take a look and ask any questions. civilservicejobs.service.gov.u

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Our frontend developer @ilokhov@twitter.com built the most beautiful small multiple pie & donut charts: blog.datawrapper.de/better-pie

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So, I've imported ~25Gb of music from the Free Music Archive on open.audio using this method.

It worked beautifully, and it's now available for the whole #Funkwhale federation. Follow this library from your Funkwhale instance and you'll have access to it:


You can also visit open.audio/library/ directly to listen to all this new content! (you don't need an account ;)

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Life hack if an oAuth app asks for too many permissions on your GitHub profile, just remove (parts of) the "scope" parameter. Not sure why this isn't a built-in feature, tbh. Also works on some other websites with oAuth.

Changed my Twitter name to "gka@vis.social" 🐦 🐘

So part of Google FusionTables have already shut down (does anyone know when this happened?). The entire googlelabs.com domain is down. Whatever happened to the good old HTTP 301 Moved Permanently?

So while the internet archive is running a big campaign to save all the pornography from Tumblr, many of important works of online journalism are just silently disappearing from the web.

In light of the FusionTables shut-down announcement yesterday we need to think about the durability and sustainability of online data journalism -- especially the interactive pieces.

The Guardian "warlogs" interactive from 2010 is 404ing and embedded FusionTables are already down theguardian.com/warlogs

The "dark age of data journalism" seems to be here already vox.com/2015/11/9/9623002/data

"Google is so close to almost complete control of the infrastructure of our online lives that it may not be profitable to continue to fight this. [..] If you care about what’s happening with online life today, take another look at Firefox" 🦊🦊🦊


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This vis.social experiment has been running now for nearly a year. Can you believe it? Your consideration donations to cover hosting fees have been put to good use, but the vis.social balance is now down to zero, so I'm covering costs myself.

If you like this strange place and want it to continue, I’d appreciate a small one-time donation:


Please indicate that your donation is for vis.social. 💰 📈 ✅

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