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It's a great article of the basic principles for the data tables design by Taras Bakusevych.

Data Tables Design

Had a nice train ride from Madrid to Pamplona with Alberto Cairo. We had good discussion about the Data Vis Society, Datawrapper, Flourish, and the good life in Miami. Saw a preview of his new book (junkcharts.typepad.com/junk_ch)! But then he fell asleep, recovering from his transatlantic flight..

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Amazing narrative video illustration of wealth inequality and a clear explanation of a “wealth tax”: youtube.com/watch?v=pTwPHuE_Hr

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Today we are launching Plotly Express, a new high-level Python visualization library! Check out our announcement at medium.com/@plotlygraphs/intro or just watch this show reel of charts each made in a single line of Python:

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For those of you who are thinking about diversity, inclusion and representativity in dataviz and what you can do, I wrote a blog post of my experience using an inclusion rider as a speaker at a data-related conference. chezvoila.com/blog/inclusionri

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Hacks/Hackers Berlin is back in March! Join us in the brand new newsroom of taz, Germany's original progressive, independent and cooperative-owned newspaper to discuss open source tools, funding, and nonprofit journalism. meetup.com/Hacks-Hackers-Berli

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@gka another concerning narrative thats slowly unfolding is that the three founders seem to be claiming some sort of ownership on the name and the brand, forbidding some people in NYC who recently hosted a meetup under that name. I can't fathom why

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Four language Wikipedias — German, Czech, Danish, and Slovak — have decided to black out the sites in opposition to the current version of the EU Copyright Directive. wikimediafoundation.org/2019/0

I wrote down some thoughts about the new "Data Visualization Society" vis4.net/blog/2019/03/not-my-s

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favorable write-up by @Forbes_DACH@twitter.com of our work at @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com:


( i must say i prefer the band photo we took last fall to the header image with just Boris & me looking rather stern ;)

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Hi, folks! Apparently we are up to ~4,000 users here on vis.social. Exciting!

I haven't been super active here (busy with lots of projects), but if you are getting something out of it, please consider a donation: vis.social/about/more

I just upgraded our hosting plan to ~USD$45 per month to handle all your toots. So, yeah, there's no such thing as a free toot. 🍍

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@gka I generally like LOESS, any "methodology" for picking the smoothing etc. parameters? Was it chosen to give a visually smooth yet non-linear result? Also, wondering if curves would differ if the month beginnings and ends were augmented by a few adjacent data points from the prior and subsequent months for continuity

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@gka I’m a fan of showing as much data as possible but I’m leaning towards Lisa’s version. The simple arrows pointing up convey the situation bluntly. In fact, I’d be curious to see them on a common baseline for once. I find myself looking for the moths that increased the most. (I can convert anything to a bar chart - I’m fun at parties)

the result is sort of interesting. for some months, like July and August the temp. increase really has picked up the pace in the late 1960s. But for October the increases seem to be a lot more "linear". Might be just some Loess artifacts.

And today I forked Adams chart to use Loess regression instead of the linear model, because I thought temperature isn't increasing linearly (but maybe exponentially?)


A few days ago @1wheel made a nice version of the chart that also shows the individual temperatures as points + linear trend lines

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