Post-societal collapse, if you're part of a group that is building things back up from scratch, what is the task that makes you decide that you need to build a computer?

If there is a communication network to connect to then I think you build/scavenge a computer relatively early so you can communicate with other groups. If there's not a network, maybe you build it for some sort of record-keeping task much later?

Inspiration ↓ I think I get the draw of the PICO-8 more, with the stuff I've been exploring lately. I especially like that the sprite and code editors are built-in.

Work ↓ Pal - apply an eight-color terminal color scheme to an image. Use the keyboard controls to choose a theme, set thresholds, and cycle hues. from

I like to find ways to expose the code and structure of my projects on the surface of the projects. Maybe I can connect that to a broader purpose of demystifying computers and software. Maybe I can pursue that purpose more deliberately.

Work ↓ C and I have started playing Minecraft. I built a workshop out of dirt, gold and coal.

I've been thinking I need to put something together about the thinking behind but I really don't want to write a 'blog post' about it. Maybe if I put it together as a (digital) zine I can get more into it.

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