Work ↓ Some data prep work today hitting the OMDB movie database to get movie titles and then grouping reviews by movie. For the sentiment analysis prototype.

Work ↓ Porting the grid calculated in javascript to CSS. With calc() I think this will work but it will be harder to debug. from

Work ↓ I like this front-page concept better, but I think I need to get excerpts for the posts in there.

Work ↓ Working on transferring the style and patterns from the experiments page back over to the blog. Happy with the overall style, but the post teaser layouts aren't everything they could be.

Work ↓ MDX.js work going great (actually MDX is very cool, just a lil bump in the road here getting frontmatter to parse).

Inspiration ↓ Lose/Lose is a game by Zach Gage where each alien you destroy deletes a random file on your computer. from

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