Work ↓ Doing more interface work on the active learning prototype. The number sprites are back.

Work ↓ Working on the cover for our next report "Learning with Limited Labelled Data". Planning to generate the illustration from a forked version of @_cjwallace's active learning demo notebook.

Work ↓ Back to work on the prototype. Got the transitions working: select points, label points, retrain model.

Inspiration ↓ This is great and it's going to take me a while to finish. It shows how a thoughtful interface and framing can change how a process feels (compare this to going through your following list in the normal Twitter interface). from

Work ↓ I got the MNIST images rendering in the active learning prototype. White here are the images selected for labeling for the next round.

Work ↓ First pass of active learning rounds on MNIST in the prototype. I need to think through what the transitions should be more, but this looks promising.

Work ↓ I'm making a notebook to visualize and figure out what frame and matting options I should choose.

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