Work ↓ You can see how UMAP clusters are structured by things like the orientation of the number if you travel along their axes.

Work ↓ Making a hover display in three.js using a canvas as a texture. Canvas size needs to be a power of two. I'm using Figma to design it and then I can just move the coordinates into code.

Work ↓ Three.js interface for UMAP run on MNIST is running. 70,000 digit images rendered using sprite sheets and a fragment shader to offset.

Work ↓ I've started dissecting the WestLangley example. The coordinates for the sprite sheet start in the bottom left!?

Inspiration ↓ Through desperate googling I rediscovered this great post and project on using three.js for T-SNE visualization. from

Work ↓ After _a lot_ of trial and error I got python to make a sprite sheet out of MNIST pixel array data.

Work ↓ Desperately trying to figure out why the background of my 9's are not transparent.

Work ↓ The printed versions of my generated snowflake card are here. My first printed project saved directly from a canvas element. Slowly making my way towards a photoshop free workflow. from

Inspiration ↓ I'm thinking about Homecoming's use of aspect ratio and how it could possibly translate to web design. from

Inspiration ↓ The clothes on the character on Lynn Fisher's site change with the screen size. I'm very interested in designs where the screen size (and the layout differences that flow from it) are made more visible to the viewer. from

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