Inspiration ↓ I've used remark for markdown parsing before, but I'm just now starting to realize what a cool set of connected projects this is. from

Work ↓ I finally figured out I could run a page with an iframe at the exact size I want the video so I don't have to deal with my screen recorder recording the rounded bottom corners of my browser.

Work ↓ Re-style pretty much finished. I'm really happy with how the turbofan status ribbons turned out. Now returning to work on the info boxes.

Work ↓ Nothing like returning to a project and stripping almost all the styles from it.

Work ↓ NOV4: after a bunch of "why is nothing at all showing up" debugging I got a very simple example from The Book of Shaders running in regl. from

Work ↓ I made an endless federated learning animation in Observable and also a GIF version. I didn't have it planned out to start so the code got super messy, but I have a lot of ideas about how to do it cleaner next time. from

Work ↓ The styling need a little work but the math behind this federated learning diagram is working. Linear regression on each node and then weighted averaging on the "server". from

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