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Jonatan Hildén

Here’s a selection of student projects from the Information Design II course in Aalto University that I teach with Juuso Koponen,
The level is pretty high, even if I say so myself! The course is part of the Information Design track of the Masters program in Visual Communication Design.

Next-level digital steganography:
”FontCode creates font perturbations, using them to encode a message that can later be decoded to recover the message. The method works with most fonts and, unlike other text and document methods that hide embedded information, works with most document types, even maintaining the hidden information when the document is printed on paper or converted to another file type”

One personal top takeaway from was ’s talk about a Uni Potsdam project called Senses, with many interesting work-in-progress visualizations. It is about creating climate change scenarios for mitigation & adaptation. More details promised online soonish.…

The conference at in Helsinki (or Espoo, to be precise) is about to start.

Me and will be live-tweeting, I’ll repost some highlights here also.

Here’s the sterling line-up for this year:

Appreciating the on point / Gerd Arntz reference in the cover design for this edition of the Handmaid’s tale. Also 1/4th in, the novel is fantastic. Atwood expertly avoids clunky exposition.