FUSE release presentation on September 14th!

"FUSE is a library for visually programming on the GPU, built to enable rapid workflows and modular approaches to accelerated graphics, logic and computation.

FUSE is built for use in #vvvv gamma and follows it’s ‘always runtime’ model allowing for fast design and programming work with no build or compile process in between you and your results."


#visualprogramming #creativecoding #gpu #programming #sdf #stride

Remember VL.Fuse, the previously announced GPU tools library built for #vvvv on top of VL.Stride!?

The team recently released a first usable test version: nuget.org/packages/VL.Fuse

Want to join this revvvvolution? Insert your coins here: store.vvvv.org/products/fuse

[27] Facade generator.
Source textures from photograph by Jason R Woods of the Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center, New Haven, CT designed by Marcel Breuer.

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