Stuff I’ve learnt today: Sometimes in it is better to write a function than to write a class... Writing a class (sometimes) forces you into a mindset of trying to predict every possible use-case, with the associated pile of complexity that entails, instead of just writing that ad hoc function, saving yourself a lot of time and burnt brain cells.

Started the day with a lot of beautiful ideas for code to test and music to make. Approaching the end of the day having sent a million emails and now just refactoring old code... Oh well...

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Say what you will about Sisyphus' fate

There's value in having job security

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What I learnt today: it usually helps to read the *entire* guide to writing classes before trying to write them... Still, I’m happy with the progress in shaping my very own setup! Getting easier to do complex signal routing on the language side in a more modular way now.

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Linux is about imagination:
"Linux... is... a huge collection of parts. A lot of steel struts, screws, nuts, gears, pulleys, motors, and a few suggestions on what to build. So you start to play with it. You build one of the suggestions and then another. After a while you discover that you have your own ideas of what to make... [Linux] takes on the shape of your imagination. It does what you want."

Through the fogs of low-level cold I managed to produce this class for creating effect chains in SuperCollider:
Still got to do some debugging, but looking promising!

Admin, admin, admin, admin... Once an application is done the next step is to report on the previous project that got supported with the previous application. ...

Basisfinansieringen av scenekunstgrupper endrer navn til Fri scenekunst - Kunstnerskap.

Just wanted to draw some attention to the excellent plugin for and ! Still early stages of development, but oh so promising...

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I am concerned about plastic waste and my uni buys extremely terrible whiteboard markers, so I got my own that can be refilled and one of them has run out. The only source I could find for the refill ink is Amazon. So I bought it.
Trying to address systemic problems through individual capitalism will always fail and it's exhausting.

Hi all! Short of myself: dancer, kind-of sort-of self taught coder and composer, living in . Ran away from macOS two years ago into the soft embrace of (yeah, that was a bit of a learning curve...). Now enjoying the immense benefits of the community: , and all the other goodies. Still got a thing for . One half of choreographer duo Roosna & Flak. Left of center and then some.

...and the deed is done! Two major applications have been delivered to and ! and are one step closer to fruition...

Getting oh so close... The deadline for and are mere hours away. Now just finalizing those $#%@ budgets and then... more applications to write! The rock n roll lifestyle of the freelance artist in all its glory on full display...l

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