Meditating on Black Lives Matter for today's drawing, and ignoring the official prompt. The alternating colors encode the message, and I wrote the key on the outer edge of the flower.

Finally have a functioning laptop again, so I'm able to update my Patreon with my latest drawings. Been inspired by in my drawings.

Trying to get more 'normal' even though these aren't 'normal' days. Playing with voronoi packing in today's drawing.

My little Smash-a-rona art+protest game is now in Version 2! Grab those meds and smash those virus particles. Watch out for the orange blob. He'll steal your meds.

19 years ago, I was home alone with a toddler. Steve Burns' Blues Clues got us through, and I will always be grateful to him.

The orange sky and falling ash is apparently getting me down. Today's drawing is terrible. I'll have to find brighter side in tomorrow's drawing.

The skies over San Francisco are dark and orange. The soot sprites are a bit freaked out about it, in today's drawing.

The sky has been orange all day today, here in San Francisco. Orange light everywhere! So, I'm drawing with orange ink for today's .

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