Starting a new week and a new post with daily drawings. Here's an in-progress look at today's drawing.

Wrapping another week of daily hand drawn generative art, with a fun ink combination...well, it's a fun combination for me. Here's a photo of it in-progress.

Another experiment, for today's drawing. Delighted that all three inks do ok on this awful paper.

Here's an in-progress shot. Finished version, for my fans at and

A bit later on posting today's drawing than I usually am. But here's today's drawing in-progress.

A few years ago, I was working on a big data set and took 'slices' while testing and exploring. My kid saw this one and said it looked like 'Unicorn Barf'. Ha!

Experimenting with different inks for today's drawing. One of them worked ok.

Here's an in-progress shot. I've posted the finished version for my fans at and

Mailed out over 120 envelopes today, for my ongoing project. Folks are starting to ask what they should send back. So I'm refreshing my 'what to send back' info.

I had forgotten about this delightful pie chart. Made me smile all day!

The original post is here:

And I just cross-posted, with updates, here:

As part of my project, I include and addressed envelope for folks that request one. One of the most common questions I get is "What do I send back?"

So I wrote up a short post with ideas, and some examples of what folks send me.

Wrapping up another week of daily hand drawn generative art. Here's an in-progress photo. The final drawing is posted for my supporters on and

Ah! I see that it's Cajal day! I'm currently getting ready to work on a commission based on my Generative Nerve series.

Here's one of my favorites from the series.

Lots of signups this week. I'm working my way through the list...writing notes, addressing envelopes, and walking a pile like this to the post office every day.

And working with my dataset, and viz

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