So many inspirations led to this little abstract drawing, for today's . What do you see in it?

Today's prompt is "Intricate", so I'm going with a branching fractal in green and blue inks for my drawing. Also starting a new post for this week:

Today's prompt is "Rosy", so how could I resist drawing one of my generative rose patterns in rose-scented dusty-rose colored ink for today's drawing.

Today's drawing is inspired by the prompt "little-known". I figure that outside of labs, these wonderful little tubes are little known.

Tomorrow's gonna be a really rough day. So I'm drawing for my own comfort and soothing blues for today's .

Thinking about cellular biology in today's drawing. Finished piece is posted for my patrons, smudge and all:

Bringing bigger Mitochondrial energy to today's drawing, as I wrap up another week of drawings. Finished pieces are posted for my patrons:

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