@mattbrehmer Come for the , stay for the meetup in the evening of Oct 22! (place tbd)

For those in and around Berlin this October and planning to attend InfoPlusConf and/or IEEE VIS, be sure to check out the 1-day speaker lineup at VIS on Monday Oct 22: visinpractice.org.

The VIS early bird registration deadline is this Friday Sept 7: ieeevis.org/year/2018/info/reg

Our group at Microsoft Research recently released : a new interactive tool for bespoke visualization design, and we'd love to hear your feedback.

You can use it in your browser at charticulator.com, where you'll also find a gallery along with video tutorials.

Charticulator is open source at github.com/microsoft/charticulator

We also wrote a paper about Charticulator for IEEEVIS, which received an Honorable Mention for Best Paper: microsoft.com/en-us/research/u

RT @tillnm@twitter.com: Data & Identities! Few more days until @visapnet@twitter.com VISAP'18 deadline! Find detailed information on how to submit your paper or exhibit abstract at visap.net/submission-instructi
🐦🔗: twitter.com/tillnm/status/1004

How do you deal with when data?

Submit a talk pitch to speak at 2018 (an event at @ieeevis, Oct 22 in Berlin, one day after @InfoPlusConf).

See our call for participation at visinpractice.org. Submit your talk title and abstract by June 30

If you're interested in visualization on mobile devices, all of the 17 papers for an upcoming workshop that I'm co-organizing are now freely accessible at mobilevis.github.io/program/

Hi all, I'm coordinating a data storytelling contest at the IEEE PacificVis conference in Kobe, Japan in 3 weeks.

I invite you all to cast a "People's Choice Award" vote for one of the 9 shortlisted entries:


Winners to be announced April 12

I am a data visualization researcher at Microsoft. Some of my recent work is in Power BI, a component called Timeline Storyteller.

These days I'm focusing on designing visualization for mobile devices.

I'm also trying to grow connections between the vis academic and practitioner communities, as one of the organizers of the event at ieeevis.org in Berlin this October.


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