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Looking for weekend readings? Here are 5 texts that sum up my approach:

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NEW POST: A compilation of the best data visualisation related stuff discovered during April 2018

Including these great works by @taylorbaldwin and @amycesal

Under the sun

There's one spot in the world right now,
where the sun is exactly overhead,
and it's this one:

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Heading home from , which was really, really good! Hard to identify a common theme or thread but a great summary of what’s going on right now.

My highlights: Shan Carter’s talk on sci comm /, @maarten ‘s talk on xerographics, Aaron Williams on mapping segregation in the US.. lots of good for thought.

Also interesting that the big themes of the last years: storytelling and physical/analogue viz were not really discussed (or selected by the committee).

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Please take a moment and fill out the 2018 Data Visualization Survey:

Elijah Meeks did this last year, and provide lots of good insights and discussions around the data viz industry

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I swear, @lisacrost is doing the most clear and accessible writing about data vis principles today. Read her latest:

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Last day(s) to sign up!

Visualizing Inequalities – SDG DataViz Camp
Monday 28 May – Friday 1 June​,​ ​Designlab, University of Twente, Netherlands​

​Multidisciplinary t​eams
(from various countries)
guided by expert mentors
will analyze, map, visualize
data on social inequalities
related to gender, income,​ etc. ​​

Info at:

Questions? Mail: <>

Registration deadline is:
Before 7 May!
Sign up now​ via: ▶

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Ready, set, go! The submission system for the @ieeevis Arts Program @visapnet is now open. Instructions and details are here: …. Looking forward to receiving a new lot of amazing submissions!

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Lots of new members here on this week. (We are up to 923 in total!)

Where is everyone coming from? (Geographically, but also how did you hear about this place?)

TIL there's a fine line between " catacomb" and "macaron" 😬

Also, for anyone visiting , I might do a little tour of the show on Wednesday morning. Let me know if you'd like to join!

Just in case you'll be lucky enough to be on Paris some time May to September this year — there'll be a great exhibition at Fondation EDF, featuring around 40 data artworks (some by me as well ☺️).

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If you ever connected to the Internet before the 2000s, you probably remember that it made a peculiar sound. (via absorptions: The sound of the dialup, pictured )

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I wrote a couple of essays on interaction design and data visualisation. The most recent one — "Strategies for Design-Science Collaboration" — might also be interesting for this community!

Feedback welcome!

The OpenVis Conf speaker list is up — happy to see some familiar faces, and even happier to see some unfamiliar ones, too! Who's coming?

Interesting comparison of animal vs human fashion, brought to you by tensorflow.

Thinking about exhibition (and catering!) options for in Paris in May — any food labs / tinkerers / food stylists / chocolate experts … who could help us with catering and also food preservation / replica? Paris locals preferred — thanks for any leads!

Friends, eyeo tickets are on sale in 4 minutes! If you have a chance to go, do it. It's super nice.