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The OpenVis Conf speaker list is up — happy to see some familiar faces, and even happier to see some unfamiliar ones, too! Who's coming?

Interesting comparison of animal vs human fashion, brought to you by tensorflow.

Thinking about exhibition (and catering!) options for in Paris in May — any food labs / tinkerers / food stylists / chocolate experts … who could help us with catering and also food preservation / replica? Paris locals preferred — thanks for any leads!

Friends, eyeo tickets are on sale in 4 minutes! If you have a chance to go, do it. It's super nice.

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I made a quick network visualization of all users.

Each follower of @scott is a node, each follow relationship is an arrow. The more followers an account has, the bigger it is. Color by modularity, position by ForceAtlas2.

If you want to visualize your own network, my quick python script is here:

Hey folks!

Thanks @scott for setting this up!

Happy to be here — let's see how this plays out, next to the bird site and all the slack channels :)

Ah, yes,
I am into data visualization: