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RT Love how fills my timeline with awesome academics!


intriguing account of's use of 'community power maps', data visualization, and oral history to fight gentrification and evictions in the bay area:

One week left to apply for two-year, research-oriented MA in Urban Futures at – and study the physical, social & digital city of the future!

All details about curriculum and application process:

(NB: teaching mostly in German)

RT Deadline approaching for our CityVis Workshop at IEEE VIS '18, more info:

RT Data & Identities! Few more days until VISAP'18 deadline! Find detailed information on how to submit your paper or exhibit abstract at

RT Do you have experience in datavis? Do you want to work on an exciting project in the health care area? We are inviting candidates for a research position! PhD possible.

RT today the is visiting us to discuss initial ideas on visualizing Fontane‘s library - stimulating discussion on revealing reading traces

just learning about – impressive design research investigating the visibility of female graphic designers

guest lecture in the seminar by Marion Godau and Franziska Morlok at on the role of women in design history

RT Habe bei Campus&Karriere über die Notwendigkeit einer gesprochen, damit "Macht, Privilegien, Freiheit in Forschung & Lehre und unbefristeten Perspektiven auf eine größere Anzahl an Personen verteilt" werden.

RT Principles of data feminism:
- Rethink binaries
- Examine power
- Legitimise embodiment and affect
- Consider content
- Make labour visible
- Embrace pluralism at on her work with

Paper here:


indeed a great cover! it also looks a lot like cf. city flows by & - like a hybrid of the citywide and station views.

are Chris and Till mentioned anywhere in the issue?

RT When a paper based on data-driven visual analysis is cover of journal

RT Working in the field of urban data vis and attending this year's in Berlin. There are still three weeks left before the deadline for our urban data vis workshop. Looking forward seeing you in Berlin.

RT Dear Minard lovers, we're almost there: writing, editing & layout done, the cover ready, the book available for pre-order on Amazon: … … Due out November 6. I so hope you will like it! w/ &

congrats,, for new gig at and this start!

1) animating China's urban rapid urbanization over the last 30 years

2) spelling out the xenophobia between the lines of a political speech

RT 💯 Very exciting to see the number of submissions going up. We just received the 100th entry to .

Keep them coming! There is still some hours in the day :)

“Data cannot transcend the lively and contradictory social worlds that it measures. If data is to act then it needs ultimately to be brought back into those generative social contexts”

7 days until submissions are due for !

share your latest and greatest info design and visualization work in context of (but not limited to) environment, advocacy, law, health, advocacy, cultural heritage, digital humanities & data journalism