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⚠️Summer internship alert⚠️
Have some starter data/viz skills and stacks of drive, but haven't had a chance to prove yourself yet? We want to hear from you! (link: ow.ly/IF6g50lar0L) ow.ly/IF6g50lar0L cc: @aaja@twitter.com @NABJ@twitter.com @NAHJ@twitter.com @ONA@twitter.com @AMEJA@twitter.com @saja@twitter.com @najournalists@twitter.com

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Just watched »Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival« a kind of home story and documentary about one of the greatest thinkers of our time: earthlysurvival.org

I came away enchanted and intrigued by her wit, humor, and ways. It's running 3 more times at @DAZ_Berlin@twitter.com

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In a now famous speech given in New York in 1866, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper told the audience that fates of black and white, rich and poor were “all bound up together.” nyti.ms/2D2HsJ9

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In this interview "The Beauty of Data Visualization", you can read more about my path to dataviz, creating a presence online, design vs tech, some tips & freelancing :)
medium.com/the-outlier/the-bea by @RoyKlaasseBos@twitter.com

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Der Vortrag »Zwischen Distanz und Nähe« von @vik_bru@twitter.com & @markiaaan@twitter.com auf dem Symposium im @dmdmuc@twitter.com ist jetzt als Video online verfügbar: youtu.be/Yp2yF2LGONo

Alle Videos: deutsches-museum.de/das-digita


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Thank you, @FILWD@twitter.com, for raising these questions about in good faith.

Could anyone with more OA chops than i jump in and fill in the blanks?

/cc @EllenEuler@twitter.com & @dielindada@twitter.com

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1/ Question for open-access aficionados: is there any model, analysis, prediction, argument of what would change in practice if all journals would magically transform into AO? Most academics and researchers have access to everything anyway (institutions pay).

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I am excited to let folks know that the introduction to "All Data Are Local: Thinking Critically in a Data-Driven Society" is now available online: mitpress.mit.edu/books/all-dat Let me know what you think! The hardback edition will be available in full color this April! @mitpress@twitter.com

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I share WEB Du Bois’ work in my teaching as one of the earliest attempts to bring justice with data. Love @MonaChalabi@twitter.com updating these to understand them more deeply: theguardian.com/world/2017/feb

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after difficult deliberations, i have just declined the kind invitation to this year's program committee of .

from now on, i will refrain from volunteering for conferences or journals that have not moved to an model.

i hope @ieeevis@twitter.com will do so soon

lose yourself in endless scrolling through the new showcase website for @FHPotsdam@twitter.com's design department:


application deadline for BA/MA study programs is 1 April.

great work @chrispiecom@twitter.com, @borism@twitter.com & Franziska Morlok!

lose yourself in endless scrolling through the new showcase website for @FHPotsdam@twitter.com's design department:


application deadline for BA/MA study programs is 1 April.

great work @chrispiecom@twitter.com, @borism@twitter.com & Franziska Morlok!

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@tillnm@twitter.com @visapnet@twitter.com @HeikeOtten_@twitter.com @len_hil@twitter.com @borism@twitter.com @nrchtct@twitter.com if you want to try out Shifted Maps, @len_hil@twitter.com and @HeikeOtten_@twitter.com created a functional web prototype:


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Shifted Maps - Revealing spatio-temporal topologies in movement data. Check out our @visapnet@twitter.com paper on this hybrid visualization technique integrating maps and network diagrams. By @HeikeOtten_@twitter.com @len_hil@twitter.com @tillnm@twitter.com @borism@twitter.com and @nrchtct@twitter.com shifted-maps.com/static/downlo

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in her presentation during @StarKerstin@twitter.com of @CCitiesOrg@twitter.com shares an activist-academic perspective on mobility justice as a combination of equity, diversity, and democracy.

the results of Berlin’s @radentscheid@twitter.com and the hopes with are promising!

a terrific transatlantic MA defense today by @N_Hengesbach@twitter.com on “A Matter of Place? – Unpacking an Air Quality Data Assemblage” with @yloukissas@twitter.com as external examiner. timely research on the local conditions of civic data sensing!

(photo @tobi_vierzwo@twitter.com)

today @tobi_vierzwo@twitter.com presented (and successfully defended) his MA thesis »tales of a street – Mixed-Methods Mapping of Local Knowledge«.

well done, Tobi — and thank you, @moritz_stefaner@twitter.com !

see fig. 1 for a happy graduate and a satisfied external examiner t.co/k7lzUehvC4

Anni Albers about her weaving practice:

“What I’m trying to get across,” she wrote, “is that material is a means of communication. That listening to it, not dominating it, makes us truly active, that is: to be active, be passive.”


at Berlin’s i walk with women* fighting for reproductive rights, equal pay and intersectional feminism

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