hi folks, what open-source photo archive systems (as in digital assets management) can you recommend for
✅ cataloguing by multiple people
✅ via a web browser
✅ with some controlled vocab support?
has anyone successfully used Omeka for this? any opinions appreciated

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The workshop 2022 theme: "Underneath the smart city", challenging traditional smart city . How can we include more diverse perspectives and qualities of cities in our visualisation work? Submit your abstract now and join us on Nov. 4th cityvis.io/workshops/2022/

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🎉 Good news for all learners of German as a foreign language and information design fans: printed copies of the award-winning are now available for purchase! 📚

You can order yours at grammatikon.de/en

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explore projects in this neat collection interface by @gobbo_beatrice@twitter.com @iosonosempreio@twitter.com @uta_ente@twitter.com @manunna_91@twitter.com — featuring semantic zoom magic coupled with a responsive legend! 👌


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Users leaving Twitter for Mastodon has left others worried. They say: I don't want to leave, this site was important for my protest, or for my research, for news.
I want to explain how the alternatives are about keeping connections, but outside commercial platforms: 1/7

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one practial challenge for twitter users willing to migrate is to find the mastodon handles of their twitter peeps. using name fields on twitter to signal alteregos on the fediverse is simple enough and it slightly resembles the introduction of @'s and #'s for mentions and hashtags on early twitter. are there any other suggested conventions one should think of when trying to wean onself from twitter?

is Twitter increasing ad frequency for anyone else? almost every 4th tweet is a promoted one on the latest tweets timeline of the iOS app. maybe an attempt to demonstrate what one would be missing on Mastodon?

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At very long last, my essay on Elizabeth Palmer Peabody and the work (both intellectual and physical) that visualization does, is now out in @TheHDSR@twitter.com 4.2: hdsr.mitpress.mit.edu/pub/orao

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Just discovered the great project fediverse.space/, which was inspired by one of my older works. It's an interactive network of the and calculates the edges based on mentions between instances. Currently it contains 2445 instances.

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und verklagen zur Freigabe von Dokumenten beim Gericht der Europäischen Union - die EU-Grenzschutzagentur vertuscht derweil illegale Pushbacks in ihrer Datenbank


if folks are considering the fediverse, the Mastodon instance vis.social is a nice place to start — it’s run by @kristinhenry@twitter.com a.k.a. vis.social/@kristinhenry

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Very privileged to have been awarded a ERC Advanced grant for ‘Data Stories: Telling stories about and with planning and property data’. Will fund a research fellow, 3 postdocs, 2 creative writers & 2 artists to chart the data ecosystem and evidence base for Dublin. twitter.com/MaynoothUni/status

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In the past few months we worked together @HKW_Berlin@twitter.com and @MPIWG@twitter.com to design an editorial and visualization system for temporal occurrences and relations of events within a selection of @anthrocur@twitter.com essays.


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We are seeking your feedback on our new tool to visually explore multiple data sets.
✒️ Join the user study (it's free)! bit.ly/3KuGsz3
📆 26 Apr 9am, 28 Apr 5pm (GMT+10)

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CALL FOR PANELISTS - Data De-Invisibilization: Visualizing the Dark Matter of Networks. DEADLINE - Apr 14th. 4sonline.org/31-data-de-invisi

This is for a panel at 4S that I'm co-organizing with the amazing @kimay@twitter.com Nicole Martin of @IWRising@twitter.com & Matthew Battles of @ArnoldiaMag@twitter.com. Pls share!

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VISAP'22 Call for Entries is out! This year's theme is Mingling Spaces. The VIS Arts Program is a mini-conference and exhibition @ieeevis@twitter.com. Vis researchers and designers: Submit your paper, exhibit, or pictorial to @visapnet@twitter.com! visap.net

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33 years ago today, I submitted a proposal for a system called the World Wide Web.

I'd normally publish thoughts on the state of the web. But these are not normal times. Instead, @rosemaryleith@twitter.com & I ask you to join us to however you can.

webfoundation.org/2022/03/stan twitter.com/rosemaryleith/stat

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