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A wonderful joint review article about and Bénédicte Savoy’s brand new book “Afrikas Kampf um seine Kunst” in today’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

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🌈 tonight 7pm CEST digitally opens here: twitch.tv/queerandbeyond

starting tomorrow until May 1, the exhibition can be seen by strolling along the window front of gallery in Berlin Kreuzberg


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Come work with us! We are expanding our team with a Data Steward for Digital Benin: digital-benin.org/Jobs Application Deadline 04/30, full time until the launch of the platform. Please share this link!

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Are you visualizing data relating to energy? Short paper submissions due 20th April for EnergyVis II: 2nd Workshop on Energy Data Visualization. See energyvis.org/ for info

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VISAP'21 Call for Entries is out! This year's theme is DIS/CONNECTED. Submissions are due on June 1st. Please check out new website.

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Am 10.4. um 19 Uhr feiern wir die digitale Eröffnung unserer Ausstellung , die im entstanden ist & bis zum 1.5 in der Galerie Feldfünf, (coronakonform von außen) zu sehen ist. Mehr Infos zur gibt es auf instagram.com/queerandbeyond 💖

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Happy to get an email starting with "[English version below]" from our International Office at @FHPotsdam@twitter.com ramping up the efforts with support from @DAAD_Germany@twitter.com. Hope to see more messages starting like this! 🇺🇳

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We are excited to announce the new website for the »Kollisionen« project — collaboration with @Filmuni@twitter.com and @ctech_filmuni@twitter.com:


Soon we will also start a newsletter delivering updates with news, events and publications from the project.

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Big thanks to our tour guides and many participants of the workshop »Let‘s visit museum collections!«

Four tours and discussions about museum collections, data, biases, and interfaces in just one hour—which is way too little time… We know now…

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🖼 ☕️ 💻 Today is the registration deadline for our workshop:

»Let‘s visit museum collections!
What can we gather about the data?«

We're looking forward to four guided tours and fruitful discussions about collection interfaces and data biases.


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Hoy es el día mundial del agua y quiero invitarlos a leer un artículo sobre la crisis hídrica en Chile. Es parte de un estudio sobre visualización y me ayudarían contestando el estudio online. Toma 20-30 min y deben hacerlo desde un computador estudio.visdatos.cl

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Thank you, @srendgen@twitter.com, @moritz_stefaner@twitter.com & @FILWD@twitter.com, for a nuanced conversation on @EdwardTufte@twitter.com‘s contributions to the field. Apropos engaging with the community: why not invite him on your show, too?

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📊📚 @EdwardTufte@twitter.com has a new book out, and we use the opportunity to discuss his works together with our favorite history buff (and colleague) @srendgen@twitter.com! Don't miss it!

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🌎⏰🌍😰 I got caught in daylight-saving limbo and missed my dear co-organizers @yloukissas@twitter.com & @IsabelMeirelles@twitter.com for our weekly call. I suppose we still have a bit of time to practice bridging time zones for our online conference:

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Open Position: We’re looking for someone (f/m/x) to join our development team in Summer 2021. If you’re into building user interfaces and data visualizations with and , we want to hear from you!


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The tour by Thiago da Costa Oliveira and Andrea Scholz will start at @kulturSPK@twitter.com's Ethnological Museum and explore connections with biological databases such as gbif.org and jacq.org.


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Sehr schön! Jetzt auch mit aktuellen Forschungsprojekten vom @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com der @FHPotsdam@twitter.com. Dankeschön, @dennmis@twitter.com!

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So jetzt aber Frühjahrsputz: Für Euch haben wir unsere Webseite aufgeräumt. Viel Digitales in Potsdam. @unipotsdam@twitter.com @DH_Potsdam@twitter.com Schaut doch mal vorbei! uni-potsdam.de/de/digital-huma

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Interesting -meets- researcher position for 4 years in @EXC2020@twitter.com's Research Area 5: Building Digital Communities at @FU_Berlin@twitter.com.

Application deadline: 5 April


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We’re excited to present our paper “The public life of data: Investigating Reactions to Visualizations on Reddit” at with @nrchtct@twitter.com @arranarranarran@twitter.com @benjbach@twitter.com: arxiv.org/abs/2103.08525

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Buscamos chilenos para un estudio... ¿nos ayudan participando y/o compartiendo el link a este estudio online? deben leer una noticia que tiene algunas visualizaciones y responder una encuesta. Toma aprox. 20-30 mins

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