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We have a great visual addition to our lab! A huge, self made butterfly world map now occupies a central space on our wall!

Find out more about the concept, design, and production:


Thanks to @borism@twitter.com and @fabianehmel@twitter.com for this new world view!

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spending the morning at @CIJBerlin@twitter.com with 30 design students from @FHPotsdam@twitter.com to learn from @EmiliaZenzile@twitter.com about intersectional feminism and brainstorm ideas for visual data essays.

part of an exciting project course on Feminist Scrollytelling i'm co-teaching with Franziska Morlok

Weiß jemand, wie frei verfügbare Artikel auf @zeitonline@twitter.com zu Bezahltexten werden? Es scheint fast so, dass die Texte mit einem Plus versehen werden, sobald sie viel Aufmerksamkeit generiert haben.

/cc @julians@twitter.com @juliustroeger@twitter.com @colorfuldata@twitter.com

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Nonacademic summary of important research. “Facebook's Ad Algorithm Is a Race and Gender Stereotyping Machine” nzzl.us/LTckSD9

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We are happy to announce our this year's for the workshop @ieeevis@twitter.com in Vancouver. Deadline is 2019/6/15

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Save the Date! We are excited to open Cian Dayrit's first solo show in Europe on 26 April: "Beyond the God’s Eye".

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gen.studio by @cogconfluence@twitter.com et al is a experimental interface using GANs to explore existing and latent (!) objects in the MET collection (of armor, ewers, goblets, purses, teapots and vases) – intriguing result from @metmuseum@twitter.com @Microsoft@twitter.com @MIT@twitter.com collaboration

now @librlaurie@twitter.com is speaking about @US_IMLS@twitter.com funded Collections as Data initiative that resulted in an expansive resource informing and encouraging data practices in libraries and museums: collectionsasdata.github.io/te

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So many great projects at this workshop on connecting museum data: yesterday, @nrchtct@twitter.com's stunning "visualizing digital collections" projects (uclab.fh-potsdam.de/vikus/); today, @metalabharvard@twitter.com's, and particularly @yloukissas@twitter.com's, amazing work: metalabharvard.github.io/proje

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learning from Jennie Choi about impressive efforts at @metmuseum@twitter.com as a CSV file github.com/metmuseum/openacces

with interesting follow-up work on collection's evolution:

and relation between gender and medium:


i'm spending two days at @parsonsdesign@twitter.com in a wonderful workshop on interfaces for transnational museum data. great exchanges already on innovation and maintenance in museums. finally got to meet always-amazing @shannonmattern@twitter.com 🤩

thank you, @AnneLuthera@twitter.com, for bringing us together!

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What a day @TheNewSchool@twitter.com coming together as a group to find solutions for ! Our @NEHgov@twitter.com funded workshop had a great start and will continue tomorrow with more , and ! Stay tuned!

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1/7 From brilliant to bad: see what German author Fontane thought of his colleagues’ (+own) works with our new prototype! uclab.fh-potsdam.de/ff
More below! This is joint work by @FontaneArchiv@twitter.com’s Anna Busch @sabine_seifert@twitter.com @peertrilcke@twitter.com & our @vik_bru@twitter.com @markiaaan@twitter.com @nrchtct@twitter.com

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amazed by the art of shown at the @Guggenheim@twitter.com: years before Kandinsky & Co the Swedish artist experimented with abstraction, automatism & animation to create intriguing works of art that engages with both spiritual and scientific revelations: youtu.be/CHdud9km7bQ

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Today we (+ @vik_bru@twitter.com @nrchtct@twitter.com @peertrilcke@twitter.com @sabine_seifert@twitter.com) launch our prototype visualizing reading traces in the author's library of the famous German author Fontane, a collaboration between @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com and the @FontaneArchiv@twitter.com. See uclab.fh-potsdam.de/ff

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favorable write-up by @Forbes_DACH@twitter.com of our work at @uclab_potsdam@twitter.com:


( i must say i prefer the band photo we took last fall to the header image with just Boris & me looking rather stern ;)

In 1996, i was spending many hours after school at a Sun workstation in a dimly lit computer pool at @OVGUpresse, where i tried my first steps in HTML.

It was the glorious age of Geocities and GIFs. I found it so exciting to surf the Web on Netscape Navigator!

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