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Starkes Stück, @HeikoMaas@twitter.com! 👏👏 Dann sollten die 40.000, die gerade ohne grundlegende hygienische und medizinische Versorgung auf den griechischen Inseln festsitzen, ja jetzt ein Klacks sein! twitter.com/HeikoMaas/status/1

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On a more positive note: the special issue of the Information Design Journal with contributions by presenters of Information+ 2018 in Potsdam is now online!


A big thank you to our wonderful contributors and reviewers!

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After serious consideration of the long-term uncertainties surrounding the corona pandemic, we have decided to postpone Information+ in Atlanta for one year, until fall 2021.

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How can we consider nth-dimensionality at planetary scale while remaining accountable to local conditions?

@AestheManag@twitter.com poses fascinating questions & demands for “better, more robust accounts of reality”:


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Visual media analysis showing how the Corona coverage grew over time in a German newspaper. Excellent work by @laessr@twitter.com twitter.com/laessr/status/1245

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Von Friedrich Wilhelms Skizzen bis Theodor Fontanes Lesespuren. Begib Dich auf digitale Wanderschaft durch Brandenburgs Kulturgeschichte mit diesen Visualisierungen:


@SPSGmuseum@twitter.com @FontaneArchiv@twitter.com

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As a little extra: Besides great working conditions in our lab (e.g. phd support, partly home office, a lot of freedom), Potsdam is next to Berlin (where many of us live), has beautiful lakes and castles and is part of a region with oftentimes the most sun hours in Germany ☀️

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I worked w/@mplusmuseum to feature HK women artists and highlight their underrepresentation on @Wikipedia@twitter.com. Read about each woman—represented as strong & resilient mountains—and flaws w/ user-generated content.


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Petition for a in Germany has reached over 400000 signees within 2 weeks: change.org/grundeinkommen

Today @meinbge@twitter.com @expeditionbge@twitter.com @ChangeGER@twitter.com organize to pressure @OlafScholz@twitter.com @hubertus_heil@twitter.com @peteraltmaier@twitter.com to take steps toward

For the past three years I've been running a course called »Mapping Cities – Making Cities« with stellar students enrolled in @idpotsdam@twitter.com & @urbane_zukunft@twitter.com and lots of amazing guest appearances.

Now the course series has a webpage with all projects so far: uclab.fh-potsdam.de/mapping/

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Society Centered Design: Put care first, Earn trust, Empower collective agency, Create patterns for public value, ... Thought-provoking framework! Not only in times of crisis. ht @peterbihr@twitter.com societycentered.design/

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📈📉 In May—when the curve has finally dropped—we'll start a research project in collaboration with @Filmuni@twitter.com @ctech_filmuni@twitter.com on Sergei at the montage of & 📽 🎬

Join us as creative coder/designer/researcher and apply by 31 March!

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We are seeking two new colleagues with expertise in and interest in for a 2-year research project on immersion and narration in digital cultural heritage.

Job ad: fh-potsdam.de/fileadmin/user_d

Apply by 31 March and join us in May!

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»Der Kampf gegen das Virus wird ein Marathon, kein Sprint«

Das @citylabberlin@twitter.com startet eine Ideenplattform zur zivilgesellschaftlichen Bewältigung der -Krise:

Wir unterstützen die Initiative als Hochschulpartner.

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Die Bundesregierung ruft einen virtuellen Hackathon aus, um Ideen zur Bewältigung der Krise zu entwickeln. Einige von uns werden auch mit dabei sein.

Herausforderungen werden bis heute 20 Uhr gesammelt, Registrierung läuft bis morgen 14 Uhr!


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Results from my datavis course are online! Including neat student projects visually analyzing effect of events on particulates, investigating emergency service operations, and many more. infovis-mannheim.de/gdvws19/
@UASMannheim@twitter.com @HsMaNews@twitter.com

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As museums are closing their physical doors, they're opening up online under .

Maybe these visualizations of cultural collections can also offer some solace and distraction from .


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