The entrance to the old somehow stays lit.
32x32px, Dawnbringer 32 palette

of a tree sprite from for its anniversary. This was hard; man, that game is gorgeous.
64x64px, Dawnbringer 32 palette

The Ultima Keyblade, the most keyblade from (the first one at least). This one's mostly from KH1 with some elements from later games.
128x128px, ENDESGA 32 palette

The final installment of my fictional horror series. Was Visitor III peak Visitor, or are they gonna keep making this shlock?
80x120px (restricted), Sheltzy32 palette (restricted)

Because I could think of literally nothing else, here's a from Story of Seasons, Elly the nurse.
32x32px, Dawnbringer 32 palette

that's just kinda...floating over a steak. My roll: 3, 3, 1 - mace, shield, and steak. The shield also has a steak on it.
32x32px, Sweetie 16 palette

My favorite ever, Navi from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Who could ever get tired of her helpful advice?
32x32px, Twilight-5 palette (5 colors)

The third installment of my fictional horror series, The Visitor, this time iiiin spaaace!
80x120px (restricted), 16 colors (restricted)

A sitting by itself. If plants feed themselves from the sun, why is this thing always meowing?
32x32px, 8 colors

A using a GameBoy-style palette.
32x32px, 4 colors (restricted to 5 or less)

A of 8 application
8x8px each (restriction: 32x32px), Dawnbringer 32 palette
Apps are (left to right, top to bottom): Firefox, Affinity Designer, Blender, Steam, (my logo), Aseprite, Discord, Love2D, PicoCAD

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