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Hello. I'm Quen-Quen Potter, a BlackBerry enthusiast, entrepreneur, web developer, Enlightened Agent and Geek with Glasses.

My favorite hobbies includes geeking out, blogging, web-design, branding, graphic design some front-end coding.

Fortunæ codebase is now open for Alpha release. Tested on Windows, soon to be Linux and Mac. Feel free to PR.

The Frog is Out! I think this is our most fun game yet, it's free on itch, so go, unlock all the secrets and let us know what you think





The first of these little creatures is ready, this one is more of a test/prototype before I move to the bigger ones.


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making a couple of mushrooms for the happening everywhere, (you can "google" the hashtag to learn about it).

For many year I've been wanting to do "art-toys" or "custom toys", specially with wood (which translate in one of a kind).

Now that I have a more defined character style, I feel is the time to put some wood pieces out there on good use.

The second idea i had for "Celestial" last week. I hadn't intended to animate it, but I couldn't help myself after finishing the static version.

#pixelart #space #SciFi #MastoArt

The best way to become more organized is to make your own tools to do so.

Looking for on Linux? I would recommend , and . Whalebird is the best option as it feels modern and smooth, followed by Hyperspace. TheDesk is simplier, but packed with multi collumns and a Nano option, unique, that provides a minimalist and independent way to add toots without distractions. is the smallest client for desktop!

It needs adjustments and improvements, but it's a nice and unique feature on the client.

TheDesk Nano option looks so nice. Love the minimalist approach to quick add a toot without distractions.

Microsoft’s Open Source Terminal App Hits Version 1.0! The app can be used to access PowerShell and CommandShell in addition to WSL.

It looks nice and provides a "home" feeling while doing some errands at Win10.

trying IRC for the first time 🤓. using so far navigating not so easy

I don't even know. Kinda felt inspired to make Shigoto into a retro sci-fi/lo-fi sci-fi inspired interface. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


ToDo List for Week 24

- Markdown Cheatsheet
- Wap Sites (WML/XHTML)
- Bludit Theme
- Codoforum PWA Plugin

Iceberg, a #Markdown editor for #WordPress, seems like a great solution for block editor haters that just want to write posts without fiddling with a bunch of bullshit. ❤️

So after the Bludit theme I was commissioned to do fell through, it's now available publicly for everyone to use:

#theWorkshop #theme #bludit

Very happy to share Shigoto with you guys - a todo.txt manager and parser made in PHP.

It's kind of basic, but it works (I think).

#theWorkshop #todo #php

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