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I will do a #RabbitControl introduction workshops for #Bela with #puredata this coming Sunday March 27 in Brno.

The workshop will be from 15:00 - 17:00. Come by if you are around (this part of the workshop is for free)

for is out.

Get it and control values in your patch from a remote location.

Install it via Deken (RabbitControl) or get it from the release-section of the repository.


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Did you know you can connect to the webclient directly by specifying ip:port in the url, like so:

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After dealing with uncertainties and long preparations, we are happy to announce: #NODE20 take place online and with limited seats on-site in Frankfurt from 02 until 08 October 2020! Explore our #festival now ➡

Key visual by

Latest RCPSharp prerelease nuget now is netstandard2.0 and comes with an improved implementation.

reminder for tomorrow 23rd Nov:
rabbitControl hackathon from 2pm in
ping if you wanna join

Result of last sundays hackathon:

@i_n_g_o made his c implementation of work on

@joreg built a bridge for serial->websocket in

This means: we can expose and control parameters from an Arduino via an rcp client, eg from a phone!

hackathon nr. 5 is happening: On March 24th, in

Please join our chat if you're interested!

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