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COGIATI_1, COGIATI_2, March 2019.

Visual poetry derived from declarative statements contained in questions in the COGIATI (Combined Gender Identity and Transsexuality Inventory) self-test.

Excerpt #2 from generative prose poem entitled IMAGINE YOU ARE A GREAT GRAY WOLF evolving from output from my code.


Excerpt from generative prose poem entitled "Imagine You Are A Great Gray Wolf" evolving from output from my code.

Few days later sharing this: here's my entry, "IS_IT_LOVE":

Usually when I generate text, I'm creating what I consider poetry -- I manually cull from much smaller amounts of material. No go when you have to hit a 50,000-word limit. So there's some interesting stuff in here and lots of garbage.

The best mistake: a loop count error causes the frequency of one sentence-ending clause to increase until it's the only one left.

1 of the underlying images. maybe makes it easier to see what's going on

WIP: cheap laugh riot gear, 10/26/18.

initialized in p5js by translating each word rendered in a particular font (Roboto, I think) to points, distorting the points' placements, tracing them, & placing the words randomly on the canvas. The randomness of the placement was a little too aggressive. This is 5 of the 100+ iterations mashed together in GIMP

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Saying he was collecting material for an art project, the 31-year-old visual artist sneaked into a vault at a notorious private, run-for-profit university and quietly removed tuition contracts. Fried Potatoes – whose real name is Francisco Tapia – then burned the documents, rendering it nearly impossible for the Universidad del Mar to call in its debt – which he claimed was worth as much as $500m (£297m). “It’s over. You are all free of debt.”

Some music for a change:

the soundtrack work I did for "The Endodontist," a 1983 low-budget Italian horror film that was thought lost until recently, when I made it up.

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