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Dear lovers: ♥️

This service costs about $650 per year to operate. Please consider a tiny recurring donation of $1/month to keep the lights on. 💰

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Thanks to @kristinHenry and @darth_mall for their support!

Hi, folks. I haven't been active on for a while. Huge thanks to @kristinHenry for taking over as admin! Please support this instance by donating or

From the Collection: The Complete Commercial Artist (現代商業美術全集) – Letterform Archive

Just paid US$55 for another month of hosting. I'd love more small, ongoing support here:

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@gfte Welcome! Will be happy to hear how your course goes. :)

@samja Hello and welcome! Hoping you post about your work here; sounds fascinating!

Hey there lazyweb, I'm looking for recommendations for a component for a web app.

I have a strong preference for something implemented with vanilla . I don't want to weigh the page down with a runtime (so nothing built with React, Angular, jQuery, etc.).

I plan to incorporate it into 's admin interface. is the first thing I stumbled across, if anyone has any experience with that.

Boosts appreciated.

@moremaps Hi and welcome! I agree with you that we need more maps. 😛

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