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ummmmmm i just saw bret victor talk about dynamicland and it upended all of my conceptions about programming, how had i not even known about this until now

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Would anyone know where or how to find generative art based on NLP, or people doing such thing?

Normally I am oppose the use of gradients and drop shadows in a bar chart. But if the data is appealing enough, I can make an exception. 😉

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Twitter, Florida shooting Show more

Who out there is using for biostatistics?

“Strange Bird” is a new podcast “about the data behind our everyday lives with Mona Chalabi.”

And it’s published through a new UI by the Guardian Mobile Lab — part audio player, part chatbot, part photo viewer. It includes lots of charts, too!

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i tried a little "handdrawn" highlighting:
(the whole piece can be found here, but beware, it's in german

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Hey this new data comic by @matth is amazing. 👏

This is a first: seasonal data vis work!

NPR Visuals is hiring a Contract News Apps Developer to help cover the 2018 US midterm elections. A great opportunity to work with a fantastic team, short-term, in DC! But also a sign of maturity of the field — organizations hiring a “surge” of talent for newsy events.

Via data-vis-jobs / @arnicas

“Diseased Streets” — a map of human feces and needles on the streets of San Francisco. ☹️

CON: Story refers only to "downtown San Francisco" yet reporting is specific to the Tenderloin and Civic Center, the poopiest and needle-iest areas, in my experience.

PRO: Line chart of poop and needles made with DataWrapper! cc @gka @lisacrost

Thanks to @nelson for the local news tip.

Thanks to our @Liberapay donors!

I'm now redistributing ~50% of donations to the core @Mastodon project, and ~25% back to Liberapay itself. The rest will help cover hosting costs for

Schedule a small recurring donation here:

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Hi, a newbie toot.

I'm working towards an open-source, non-profit platform for world music visualization, ultimately supporting all notated music systems, instruments and theory tools.

Visual Music? Dialog, interwork and collaboration centered around an exhaustive diversity of musical models.

Model ◦ Aggregate ◦ Animate ◦ Propagate.

Desperate for virtual affection: likes, shares, claps, tweets. ;-)



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I know it's old news now but I'm still a little in awe of 538's Atlas of Redistricting (

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What was involved in summarising 10km speed skating races in a 10 second animated gif for the newspaper, within minutes after the end of each race... (video in Dutch, sorry)

Fantastic visual representations of version control concepts — working area, staging area, commits, branching…

“Face of a Nation” photo + design project by Güney Soykan

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the more i explore 🐘, i must say i'm getting a bit excited about the prospects of a free and federated alternative to twitter without 'optimized' timelines or a profit-oriented mothership, but with a growing community rooting for it.

sure, it's still lacking features that one takes for granted in a centralized solution – i am really missing a global search option – but considering how new mastodon is, it already seems well polished.

thanks @scott for bringing us together here!