Das Wahlprogramm der Grünen sieht übrigens ein »Energiegeld« vor, also eine Rückerstattung der CO2-Steuer an finanziell Schlechtergestellte, über die soziale Gerechtigkeit hergestellt wird. Das vergessen die Kolleg:innen von Bild und co. nur gerne. spiegel.de/politik/deutschland

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Christian Lindner fordert sogar eine »Benzinpreisbremse«. Kannst du dir nicht ausdenken 🤡

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: Wann sich GroKo-Politiker für die Situation armer Menschen interessieren.

😷💖 After a year-long hiatus due to COVID-19, Hacks/Hackers Berlin is finally back with its first online edition! This time we'll discuss how the pandemic has changed our work — and us. I hope to see you all there! meetup.com/Hacks-Hackers-Berli

While y'all were stress-refreshing election result pages, I put almost 5 decades of presidential races in a different kind of election map. What patterns can you see in this chart? blog.datawrapper.de/weekly-cha

For Datawrapper's Weekly Chart series, I retell the strange story of the German census of 2011, when 1.5 million people disappeared (or never existed? we don't know) 🤷‍♂️ blog.datawrapper.de/weekly-cha

Public service announcement: Next Monday, I’ll be at the Berlin Open Knowledge Lab to give an introduction to German regional statistics and the Datenguide open source project. See y’all there? meetup.com/OK-Lab-Berlin/event

To learn more about the data analysis, and about how I made these charts, read my post on the Datawrapper blog. blog.datawrapper.de/best-hip-h

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To celebrate female voices in hip-hop, I used the BBC Music poll data to create an alternative best-of: The best hip-hop songs of all time, but featuring women. It’s also on Spotify: open.spotify.com/playlist/7oJV

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On the whole list of 311 songs named by more than 100 critics, there are only 23 songs by individual women rappers or all-female bands. For comparison: Even though JAY-Z did not make it into the top 25, he alone has 20 songs on the list.

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Very few women made it onto the best-of list. The top 25 has only two songs by female MC’s (Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill). That's less than it has songs featuring OutKast.

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The golden era was big: Most high-ranking songs are from the mid-80s to mid-90s. Little surprise here, I guess. In the top 25, there are only two songs from past decade (by Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar).

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🎤 Earlier this year, BBC Music published a list of the best hip-hop songs of all time. For Datawrapper’s weekly chart series I took a closer look at the data behind it. Here are a couple of things I learned. blog.datawrapper.de/best-hip-h

📢 Berlin news nerds, join us for the last Hacks/Hackers meetup of 2019! Meet us for drinks at Das Gift in Neukölln on Tuesday, December 3rd. And yes, that's tomorrow already! meetup.com/Hacks-Hackers-Berli

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Who wants to become my coworker? We're twelve people who help the world create better . You could be one of us: blog.datawrapper.de/datawrappe

📈📈📈 At Datawrapper, we keep publishing graphics on the . See them all here: blog.datawrapper.de/tags/clima 📈📈📈

People talk a lot about limiting global warming to 2 ºC. But what happens if we don't? In this pretty drastic chart, my colleague @gka explains what different stages of the ongoing climate crisis could look like (it's bad) 🔥 blog.datawrapper.de/climate-cr

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