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Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

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If you make video and it can be CC-licensed and especially if it's about making or electronics or art or creativity, wants to help you host your videos. DM for account creation.

Once you start playing with clipping the Sobel values things get even weirder

A few zoomed in details highlighting the textures

I think I've pushed this about as far as I can. Hope the full-resolution comes through - it's the zoomed-in textures that are the best about this method after all!

(you can blame the original sketch I stole the voronoi code from for the Obama picture)

I've been doing some Voronoi Stippling experiments today, including the rare inverted stippling, and decoupling of resolution and ink coverage. Also a rudimentary webcam capture. Check it out at

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Every time I join a new social network, I think about „Liminality and Communitas in Social Media: The Case of Twitter“ by Jana Herwig.

She uses Victor Turners model to describe how joining a new platform is a separation from society, striping the person of previous social status and forcing them to grow before re-joining society.

[PDF, english]
[Related paper, PDF, german]

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I made a tool to export the feeds of the websites of the accounts you follow on Twitter:

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@Luca @vanderZwan I made some huuuuge plots with instance names for a visual insepction of the clustering. Just look how perfectly stands out at the bottom of the scores plot. And in the t-SNE plot you see on the far right peertube and its associated servers *_*.
(I hope this is still readable after uploading it xD"...)

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“It was doing that for an hour before everyone panicked and got me and QA on the phone to fix it. I wrote a quick Python/Fabric script that SSH’d to as many cars as possible at a time to `rm` the file. I’ve got a few hundred stories like this.”

Tesla firmware horrors via @nelson –

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I'm putting on a free, online Vanilla JS Conference in October. Check it out:

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Half a year later. grew to 1 569 users. Here are the 1 684 users who follow @scott.

Visualized 647 with 2 or more incoming degrees (follows from this instance). Excluded accounts from other instances. Size by In-Degree (splined).

It's still a tightly knit community.

( script:; with )

Hi everybody, I'm Job, and apparently weirdly obsessed with simulating natural selection using colored dots:

Also made other things like:

And more recently made something practical:

A social space for anyone in data, visualization, creative coding, and related arts and research. Share your work, discuss, critique, and ask for help! Come one, come all:

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