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The dramatic decrease in cost of is the miracle we'd been waiting for. Look at the last 20 yrs of global solar production & the cost of photovoltaic modules. Let's do more, faster! Thanks @CanaryMediaInc@twitter.com @MichaelEMann@twitter.com @mzjacobson@twitter.com

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The "Spilhaus projection" features oceans as the main focus, and presents the oceans as one body of water. A map based on it is centered on Antarctica and though some have recently gained some popularity online, this projection was first conceived in 1942 ow.ly/iQTu50y61SY

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"I invite each of you to ask yourself: What is the future you want? And what are you doing to make that future a reality?" — climate leader Christiana Figueres

Watch @CFigueres@twitter.com's full talk here: t.ted.com/57EuwJx

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Adolfo, nice project!
It reminds me of the ‘Statesmen’ lines in Joseph Priestley's 1765 ‘Chart of Biography’ (of course).
Is ‘16 years of Angela Merkel’ available in a digital version? twitter.com/adolfux/status/144

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Syukuro Manabe – awarded the 2021 in Physics – demonstrated how increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere lead to increased temperatures at the surface of the Earth. His work laid the foundation for the development of current climate models.

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Adolfo, nice project!
It reminds me of the ‘Statesmen’ lines in Joseph Priestley's 1765 ‘Chart of Biography’ (of course).
Is ‘16 years of Angela Merkel’ available in a digital version?

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Today's back page in @SCMPNews@twitter.com, we compare the 16 years of Angela Merkel with the mandataries of other countries.

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Nice online tool for instantly creating 'spike maps' of any place on earth!
Also see this thread: twitter.com/YuriEngelhardt/sta
via @winnydejong@twitter.com cc: @ChristiansenJen@twitter.com @spatialanalysis@twitter.com @alanGeoVISTA@twitter.com @xocasgv@twitter.com @currankelleher@twitter.com

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Made a website that turns a map into joy plot: anvaka.github.io/peak-map

If you are trying to find a unique gift for the holidays, you can print the final visualization onto a mug - they look pretty cool!

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Few spots open 2nd edition of our Master’s in Visual Tools!! 100% online and in English — ask our alumni @vivi_pazos@twitter.com @spepechen@twitter.com @oriolvidal_@twitter.com @NAltimir@twitter.com @bbbcccnnn@twitter.com @schodosh@twitter.com @santiagosalcido@twitter.com @arixha@twitter.com @elgatdolent@twitter.com @arago_la@twitter.com how intense / worth was it 🤩 Info mastervisualtoolsudg.com twitter.com/kpeiro/status/1436

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Registration for is now open:

You can decide between
👌 free (0$)
🪙 reduced (10$)
💵 regular (25$)
💸 generous (50$)

All proceeds go towards an special issue of peer-reviewed articles by the presenting authors.

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🧵 2/3 Seeing how much ice has melted EVERY DAY since 2015 is truly breathtaking and sad. Therefore, many records of the Earth's past have already been lost.

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Thanks everyone for all the helpful thoughts and comments. More preferred the 'fade to black' option, so some tweaks to the colours (& reference period) gives this version. Probably won't work in all situations but this is an option for now and shows up to 2080.

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A joint editorial published in biomedical journals across the globe calls for swift and decisive action on climate crisis. nej.md/2XLyoWV

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The greatest threat to public health is the continued failure of world leaders to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5°C.

We've joined more than 200 health journals across the world who have come together to urge governments to act

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Everything starts with a dream. 'My dream is to keep connecting @tudelft@twitter.com researchers, students and entrepreneurs with the outer world to jointly find concrete solutions for urgent global challenges in the developing world’

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@yuri its not one tap but 7.89 billions of "taps" according to the latest world population count

there has never been a synchronised turning of so many taps.

we are in uncharted waters...

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